Anime Mid-Atlantic 2008

2008: "Inuyasha Warp": The audience is Kagome. The scene opens to find our anti-hero, Inuyasha (played by the lovable, glompable dolst) pinned to that old sacred tree (played by the Great and Powerful Oz). But without so much as a breath from Kagome, Inuyasha awakens and frees himself from the tree to the tune of the opening strains of "The Time Warp"!
No sooner does this tomfoolery begin, then Kikyo (performed by the love of my life, dExtrosien) appears from behind the tree, and I+K take on the roles of Riff Raff and Magenta.
And when it comes time for a lesson from the Criminologist, Shippo (plushy puppeteered by the Great and Powerful Oz) fits that role nicely. Finish the whole works off with the Motteke dance from Lucky Star, and you have one of the most underrated, artistically superior cosplays to grace the stage at AMA.
Also, dExtrosien spent over 9000 hours to give our costumes their incredible attention to detail.

See the video here.

Thanks to goldryu and our good friends the Lamarra family!

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