Anime Mid-Atlantic 2004

2004: "Good News!": I was Sakaki Haruto and dEx was Karasuma Miho from Witch Hunter Robin. On the skit card, the title was just "Witch Hunter Robin", and to have referred to it as "The Geico Ad" would have spoiled the surprise. This skit is legendary... at least in our own minds. Some might say that our cosplay team is named in honor of this skit. They would be right.
Our second skit ever, and once again, we won Best Amateur Presentation. I think this spoiled us a bit. That, and the crowd roaring with laughter before I could even finish delivering the punchline. Kara Dennison called it "so funny it almost made me spill my drink."

We would love to share the video of this skit with the world, but we do not know if such a video exists. Please, if you have video of Anime Mid-Atlantic 2004's cosplay skits, we would love to see it! (This one is our holy grail.)
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