The Cosplay Team of dolst and dExtrosien

In the summer of 2003, dExtrosien and I performed our first cosplay skit at Anime Mid-Atlantic. From then on, every year we go to AMA and do a cosplay skit. In 2004, our Witch Hunter Robin skit spoofed a car insurance company whose name eludes us at the moment, and thus we cemented our place in rural Virginia cosplay history!
In 2015, we performed our final competitive cosplay skit at AMA. For this, we received the Con Chair Award. We have no plans to resume our masquerade cosplaying, at least for the foreseeable future.

2003: "The Great AMA Pocky Caper":

2004: "Good News!"

2005: "The Zeonic Inquisition"

2006: "Afternoon Training in Konoha"

2007: "Bugging (or Buggin') Byakuya"

2008: "Inuyasha Warp"

2009: "Page 13"

2010: "An Important Meeting"

2011: "Twi-Knight"

2012: "Sing-Song Samurai"

2013: "The Truth Is Out There"

2014: "A Trainer's Tale"

2015: "Only a Magical Girl

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